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Smorgasbord is a Scandinavian word referring to an array of foods served grazing style for people to share. For centuries, communities, friends and families have come together to gather around food. Because we believe that the best conversations and stories happen at such events, it is our goal to create an experience for our customers that feeds both their body and spirit.  

We hope you all enjoy our boards as much as we enjoy creating themCheers!

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  • Jillian and Brittany catered an event for us back in October and it was amazing! Their selection of gourmet cheeses, cured meats and unique accompaniments wowed our guests! Their attention to detail along with their professional and friendly manner made the night a complete success. We’ll be sure to have them host future events for our showroom. Thanks again ladies for a job well done!

    Bill C. – FW Webb

  • j.b. smorgasboard catered a phenomenal board for our most recent Halloween party! The meats and cheeses were extremely fresh and beautifully presented, and the array of unique olives and accompanying fruits and vegetables were stunning and delicious. I highly recommend ordering from j.b smorgasboard for your next event!

    Alison and Peter H.

  • Just wanted to say thank you to the wonderful people at j.b. smorgasboard for their wonderful tray and set up for our feast! The visual setup was second to none and “almost” looked to lovely to eat! Everything was fantastic and we will definitely be using them again!

    Jen K.