Behind the Scenes at j.b. smorgasboard

Jill and Brit met while working as servers in a local restaurant. Unbeknownst to them, those shared shifts marked the start of their culinary journey together, culminating in the creation of their business. Inspired by their love of food, libations, travel, and culture, j.b. smorgasboard was born.

Sourcing Our Name

Jill and Brit wanted to create a memorable and meaningful name. Using their first initials was obvious; however, they chose smorgasboard thanks to their love of words, puns, and an evening espresso martini.

Smorgasbord is a Scandinavian word referring to an array of foods served grazing style for people to share. For centuries, cultures, communities, friends and families have been brought together to congregate around food. Because we believe that the best conversations and stories happen at such events, we want to create an experience for our customers that feeds both their bellies and spirit.

Our name was born simply out of our love for words and puns. Given that we serve food on all shapes and sizes of boards and wanting to create something that makes people smile, Brittany thought of the word ‘smorgasbord’. Then in a Eureka-like moment, came up with adding an “A” to ‘bord’ to make it a true pun. The “J” and “B” are simply our names in initial form. Relieved to have finally found a name for our venture, we raised our glasses on September 14, 2018 to j.b.smorgasboard.

We hope you all enjoy our boards as much as we enjoy creating them. Cheers!

Brit Silva

Brit has worked in the restaurant and hospitality industry for more than 10 years, including international experience gained in Mykonos, Greece and London, England. Stateside, Brit’s experience led her to establishments in Atlanta, Boston, and now Manchester. Passionate about providing great food and memorable experiences for people, Brit  hopes everyone enjoys what j.b. smorgasboard has to offer.

Jill Knights

Having grown up the youngest in a family who congregated around the dining room table every night, Jill understands firsthand how food can bring a family together. She has worked in the service industry for over a decade and has continued to provide outstanding customer service to those who share her passion for experiencing culture and tradition through food and wine. Jill believes integrity is essential when offering a product to people, and she ensures authenticity and genuine care go into the creation of all boards crafted by j.b. smorgasboard.